What I’m doing in Japan!

Hello Friends! I’ve decided to give one more opportunity at this blog. So Today I will explain you what I’m doing in Tokyo.

In the past I was a member of a very dangerous criminal mafia in Argentina and because of that I was exiled by the government jajajaj just kidding. The truth is that I have never thought I was going to live here.

I was raised in a “small “city in Argentina situated in the middle of nowhere where it was impossible for me to learn Japanese because there weren’t Japanese teachers there,  So I think that my first connection with this culture was Dragon Ball or Saint Seya. But of course that’s not the reason why I’m living here.

When I finished High-school I moved to Buenos Aires to study at college. I went to Buenos Aires University and my major is economy. (The truth is that I’m not very interest in economics theories, and in my opinion are useless in Argentina… but well this is not a blog to discuss that.)

When I was a college student I used to live alone and I met one wonderful neighbor who lived in the upper floor. We became friends very fast because we shared many interests in common, we used to watch old TV shows together. One day I had the chance to meet his mother. She was a Japanese teacher, and since that day I knew I wanted to start studying Japanese. So I looked in the internet for some language school and found one that was near my apartment.

I still remembered the first class. It was very crowed and there were also girls wearing some kind of gotic Lolita style cosplays, it was a very strange situation. But at that time I only wanted to learn Japanese so it was ok for me. With time those strange living beings gave up, and we end up just being 5 students. I miss so much my Japanese teacher, and my classmates. That time in my life was very special for me. I don’t know if you are aware of the fact that that’s where I met my husband. Yeah I know is fucking crazy I met him studying Japanese and now we are living in Japan. One day, maybe 4 years ago (I think It was raining) I went with him to a conference about scholarships to study here in Japan and that’s where everything started. I was so excited and I knew that it was going to be a new challenge in my life. But at that time I was still a student (In Argentina a career takes about 5 and a half years) so I continue with my life, but as I knew this was going to be difficult I decided to start again my English lessons and I don’t know if was destiny or just coincidence that my new English teacher was also studying Japanese.  She was a wonderful teacher! So at that time my English and Japanese were improving and also my economics knowledge was. (I’m not sure about the last one jajaja).

At university I was not very interested about microeconomics or macroeconomics, I have never being that kind of student. Although I finished my career on time and my grades were good, I wasn’t a model student. I was attracted by others subjects like energy and environmental economy but there weren’t good teachers at university whose major were that field of study. My thesis was about this subject and the truth is that writing that piece of shit was a nightmare. There wasn’t information and I didn’t have a tutor and although it was approved with a high mark, for me it was horrible. I felt that nobody was interested in my ideas it was so fucking frustrating. But that experience gave me a big big BIG opportunity. Sometimes, life sucks but you have to be strong and believe in yourself.

I finished university in 2012 and did my first trip to japan with my husband, (at that time my boyfriend). It was incredible I still find difficult to describe what I felt, well it was august so it was very hot and sticky jajaja. It was the best of the best! My relationship with my boyfriend became stronger, we were sharing ideas, we were walking into new streets, also joking about living in Tokyo soon. But we never imagined it was going to be that soon. Of course I love my country but it’s completely different from Japan, its white and black, day and night. I still don’t know where I’m going to be living in the future. I didn’t even know I was going to be living here one year ago.

Back in Argentina I started looking for a job and it was also a nightmare, I didn’t have contacts and the true is that was very difficult for me. I was near depression, not being able to find a job, so one day I reached the bottom and started writing a research project to present in the embassy of Japan in Argentina for a Scholarship. It wasn’t t easy to do that. But I had the support and love of my boyfriend so I did my best.  I was waiting for the results of this first stage when I found a job. I started working because I was not sure about the results and also because the process of selection was very long.  It was a nice place and my coworkers were very kind to me. I think it was 13 days later that my boyfriend told me that he found a job in Japan and the same day I received an email of the embassy informing that I’d passed the first stage.

So the next 2 weeks were crazy. I abandoned my new job that was VERY difficult to find and got married with the love of my life, sometimes people ask me why I married so young, but common I wasn’t that young I was 24. I try to smile at them because it’s simple I married because I loved my husband. Sometimes you have to take risks in life but I don’t think this was a risk jajaj. The risk was losing my job or moving to a country that was completely different from mine.

Next month (September 2013) we moved to Japan! We arrived just only with our luggage and started looking for an apartment very quickly. We were lucky to find such a good place next to my husband’s company.

Sometimes people think that everything in my life is awesome, beautiful and easy. But you know why? It’s not easy. I fought and still fight very hard for my dreams. I also had health problems here and I was completely lost. But that’s ok that was going to happen one day.  I’m not having holidays here so this is part of the pack.

It was in January when I received the final confirmation of the scholarship. I finally got it. I am very happy I will have the chance to study what I really want! Meanwhile I was waiting for the confirmation I started a part-time job in a wonderful language school. It helped me a lot because as you know I was waiting for the confirmation of something very important for me, so thanks to this job my anxiety levels went down. I also tried to improve my Japanese skills but it was too difficult for me alone -_-.

So next month I will start a new stage of my life. It’s going to be a BIG challenge but the truth is that I’m happy to know that! I hate easy things! I’m also going to have Japanese lessons and the chance to improve what I wasn’t able to do alone.

Sorry for this long entry. Hope you enjoyed =)



4 thoughts on “What I’m doing in Japan!

  1. Clap Clap Clap!! I also miss our study group… Even though I started many times I never found such an incredible group 😀 Im so happy things are going so well over there … You deserve it! Hope some day we’ll meet again

  2. First things first! As you didn’t give up when you were struggling to find a job and you were strong enough to carrry on with the daunting challenge of writing a full thesis without a competent tutor, do NOT give up with this blog. It’s no less than inspiring to all of us who like to dream big.

    Now I realize how little we knew each other, since I can see and read that you are such a brave girl; I won’t say one of the bravest because I’ve done some travelling around my country and other countries and I’ve met many incredible people, but let me tell you that you are in the first half at least.

    What a pity that you didn’t carry on with your fiddle classes.
    Your fiddle teacher (and since 2013 your fellow colleague in economics)

  3. Flor, me pone muy contento leer esto. Te merecés lo mejor y es alentador para mi que elijo quedarme en el país (al menos por ahora) conocer historias tan copadas de alguien que se propone algo que suena desquiciado (porque para cualquier hijo de vecino irse a estudiar a Japón suena a chiste), se rompe el orto y lo logra. Espero que sigas así, un gran abrazo.

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